are you getting lost in the
crowd online?
Whether you're looking for a job or selling a product, you're reaching out to today's tech-savvy buyer. Long before hitting your "More Info" button, they know what you bring to the table and the way it benefits them.
They've checked out your competition, too, so now, it's more critical than ever to have a robust online presence and a SEO-friendly (Search Engine Optimized) résumé and LinkedIn profile. 


what a content writer does for you

What does great content look like?  To answer that question you need to see it from the viewer’s eyes. It’s about what drives them, how they interpret the substance you present, and what makes them want to act.


A content writer can provide interesting stories, fresh ideas, and self-help tips that today’s curious readers crave. Writing impeccable custom and original content not only stops the Google police from arresting your site, but it also makes people take you seriously, increases Search Engine Optimization, and distinguishes you from the competition.


A comprehensive marketing plan is a powerful success tool

Developing a marketing plan means you have a vision, a plan and achievable goals.  It also means that you are aware of your limitations, and  you understand the environmental forces that impact your industry.  It means you know your audience, your demographics and have considered your organizations strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats..

strategy 101

Village Endgrains, a client and local woodworking company, is moving full speed ahead, and not only because "they have a dream to bring the forest to the dinner table..."  The owner is passionate about his business and this "roadmap" to success resulted in a 60 per cent increase in profits and business activity.



Killer blogs, outstanding photojournals and targeted web content 

add video

If a picture paints a thousand words imagine what a video will do to connect you to your audience...


This promotional video for Village Endgrains, brings the business to life.  The owners wanted to showcase their line of wooden serving boards while promoting the product's sustainability and west coast charm.


The theme "bring the forest to the dinner table"  accomplishes both; it makes the connection between Vancouver Island’s natural resources and how they can be used to welcome guests into your home.


The photographs and music create a mood and tells the story of Village Endgrains.  It invites their customers to their world.



Getting it right.  Implementing communication strategies that supports organizational goals and objectives

the social media effect

Once upon a time social media was only used to connect with friends, share hobbies, and play online games.  These days, however, it is a must for any successful business.


Improved brand loyalty, lower marketing costs, and increased networking opportunities are only a few of the benefits social media brings to your organization.  All it takes is a tweet here, a hashtag there, and a pin on the right wall.


Confusing?  Not so much.  With the advent of online analytics, tutorials, and social media applications, matching the right medium to your customer, staying ahead of the competition, and analyzing market trends has never been easier.


But why waste time developing social media strategies when you could be growing your business in other valuable ways? 


Manpreet Thandi, owner of Vancouver’s Fitfood15 let Westwriter Communications handle her Twitter campaign.  While I created the strategy, analyzed the results, and made future recommendations, Manpreet did what she does best—deliver healthy meals to her growing list of single professionals and busy families.  @fitfood15



RFP's, Technical Writing and Reports, Talking Points.  What you want them to remember.





Requests for proposals (RFP), talking point memos, manuals and other technical forms of communications require fineesse in writing while sticking strictly to the facts.  


Consider the exerpt below taken from an RFP I presented to Ontario Hydro on behalf of a prominent Toronto recruiting firm.  While using creative prose to sell the product, the details remain factual, business like, and to the point:


Part 4, Section 18.0, Proof of Ability, Service Team and Subject Matter Expertise:


At any given time and on an on-going basis, Traverse* IT supplies professional recruiting services to clients utilizing the same technologies as Hydro One. Our current customer list of utility based companies includes Allstream, Suncor, Toronto Hydro, (full-time assignments), and Bell Canada (coast-to-coast), where we place an average of two to three new IT consultants per month.  Our experience as it relates to this RFP is extensive and targeted.



*name changed for confidentiality reasons





strictly speaking...


Whether the cause of the disaster is natural, economic or accidental, organizations that anticipate and plan for crises recover faster.  Even if the crises isn't one they anticipated in the first place. 

Despite statistics that prove prepared organizations recover from disasters more effectively than those that don't, only 54% have a risk plan in effect. According to the Institute for Crisis Management, the top three excuses for not creating a crisis communications plan are: It may never happen; it's too expensive; we have  greater priorities.  


Credibility is the name of the game today.  Nothing says "I trust you" like content that is error-free, useful, visually beautiful and simple in its complexity.

... stroll through sense-filling gardens or relax on the backyard patio or view pleasing upper deck. Each room at the Anju is fresh and charming, and the hospitality is served with love...

I chose these words and photographs for the home page of the Anju Bed and Breakfast's website.  They convey a sense of homey comfort, trust and welcome.