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Hello and welcome to WestWriter Communications.


I became a writer because I love stories, other people's that is. To me, nothing is more intoxicating than wrapping myself in a hero's journey, whether it's one of my fictional characters or  ... well, you! 

Thirty years in airline operations taught me a few things: 

  • Life is unpredictable

  • When you're genuine, people know it

  • Words have power

  • Airplanes are fun

  • People are good


My airline days are behind me now, but I remain a work in progress - a life-long learner who is always up for new challenges and new opportunities. Ergo - WestWriter.

I'm passionate about helping people succeed with words. It's why I combined my passions for relationships and fiction and began writing LinkedIn profiles and résumés, and also blogs, and business materials for budding entrepreneurs and small to mid-size companies.

If you are looking for customers,  a new career, or simply want your content to sparkle, contact me at to see how it can happen for you.

And one more thing, I like to take pictures...

Lynne West

WestWriter Communications


A picture tells a thousand words...


Nothing sticks to the memory like a connection to the senses.  What do you want your clients to smell, feel and hear?  What do you want them to remember?  Consider the beauty of a plump azaelea bud on the verge of blooming.  Imagine the sensation of tangy tomatoes, peppery basil and spicy pepperoni dancing over your tastebuds.  How about an intimate tete-a-tete surrounded by the sounds and smells of the forest?   When communicating with your audience, remember that pictures stimulate the senses.  They do what words don't always say.

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