Dressed for Success (Online)

I often liken hanging out on LinkedIn to going to a fancy networking event. You:

🍸 Go to meet people who can help your business while you help theirs.

🍸 Engage in interesting conversations, knowing people like doing business with others whom they know, like, and trust.

🍸 Exchange value-added information to accentuate your thought leadership and elevate your brand.

Would you show up in your pajamas or a hoodie and jeans? Likely not. You’d probably dress for the part as you should on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is arguably the most powerful business networking tool on the planet. You don’t have to believe me, just take a peek at these stats from Kinsta:

✅ 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn

✅ 122-million people received an interview through LinkedIn

✅ 14-million jobs are listed on LinkedIn

✅ 79% of Marketers use LinkedIn to find leads

✅ 20-million companies are listed on LinkedIn

Here’s one more: 57% of employers say they’re less to hire a candidate they couldn’t find online. And another: Virtual and video selling are on the rise by more than 77%.

While we’re not talking shirt and tie, you want to stand out on LinkedIn, and in a good way. Three ways to accomplish it are through your:

Photograph - Make sure it's:

➺ Recent

➺ Of professional quality

➺ Friendly

➺ Of you alone

➺ Dressed as you would for work

➺ Uncomplicated - of you before a plain or muted background.

Banner - It should be:

➺ Branded to depict your profession or perhaps your city

➺ Keyword optimized for SEO including your title or the job you seek

Overall Presentation - Make sure to use:

➺ A right balance of white space and text

➺ Fun-shaped bullets

➺ Visually pleasing elements like emojis and symbols to add color and personality

Last, don’t forget about Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Recruiters, more now than ever, are merely Googling your name. Ensure what they find leaves a breadcrumb to pursue you further and not a reason to run in the opposite direction.

For more tips like this, check out my blog at westwriter.today.

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