5 Steps to LinkedIn Success

1). Your clients don’t care about you. They want to know “what’s in it for me,” so it’s important that you figure it out before engaging. Ask yourself:

1. What are they REALLY selling?

2. What are their pain points?

3. How can I solve them better than any other service provider or candidate?

2). In today’s virtually connected world, you need to embrace a SOCIAL mindset. Treat your online interactions the same as you would in person. Be polite. Be respectful. Be grateful. When curating content or sharing other people’s stories, be sure to thank the writer and tell them what you loved about their thoughts before adding yours.

3). Your LinkedIn Profile. Three things:

  • Your LinkedIn profile is NOT a resume, it’s your brand reservoir. Highlight your skills, accomplishments, and passions in the About and Experience sections, and be sure to write as if you are telling your story. Don’t forget that your customers don’t really care about you, they care about what you bring to the table. Think, “what’s in it for them?”

  • LinkedIn is arguably the most powerful business prospecting and recruiting tool on the planet. The purpose of engaging online is to get found. Be sure, however, that when you are found that your online brand expresses how you want to show up in the world.

  • Don’t forget the power of testimonials – potential customers want to know what OTHER people are saying about you; it’s called social proof.

4). Establish yourself as a thought leader. To stay top of mind, feed your audience a consistent and rich diet of valuable content. Don’t fall into the habit of only sharing curated articles, post original work consistently that comes from your experience and expertise. And please – don’t simply LIKE AND LEAVE! When commenting, be sure to add your own personal spin – your insight.

5). Social media isn’t enough. When the time is right, get out from behind the computer and move the relationship forward with a real conversation.

Most of all, have fun!

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