I know what you’re thinking. Ugh! The last thing you want is to dump a bunch of gobbledygook into your customer’s inbox that they probably won’t read anyway.

But wait. If you’re giving them something useful, engaging, and relevant, nothing could be further from the truth.

I recently received feedback from a woman regarding the newsletter I prepare each month for a highly successful local realtor. She told me it is the one newsletter she religiously reads because it offers:

🏠 Local market conditions and current listings, which give her a sense of her own home’s worth.

🏠 Around-the-town happenings, which connects her to her community.

🏠 Tips and tricks to help make the most of her biggest investment and the place she calls home.

You see, this type of content opens the door to your buyer's home because it’s not what you sell; it’s how they benefit in return. Adding your professional insights and personal messaging propels them to further invite you to step over the threshold and come in for a warm cup of tea. Because it’s true:


Whether you’re driving content to your website, wishing to stay top-of-mind with your clients, or are seeking to position yourself as a thought leader, newsletters are an incredibly successful marketing channel. They tell your story, showcase your products, brand, and services, and are 40X more likely to bring customers to your door than Facebook or Twitter combined.

Here are my 5 Tips for Newsletter Success:

1. Be consistent. Strike the right balance between remaining top-of-mind and going overboard. It sometimes takes a bit of trial and error, but the rule of thumb is between 1 x weekly and 1 x monthly. Let your subscribers decide (because they will).

2. Don’t be afraid to get personal. Share photographs, funny stories, and memories, but don’t go overboard. There’s a fine line between drawing people into your world and sending them running the other way.

3. Get permission to email – Not only is it a good way to avoid SPAM filters, but it’s also the law.

4. Never use “clickbait” to entice readers to open. When readers feel cheated by even one sideways email, you can be sure they’ll never open another from you again.

5. Make sure you’ve made it mobile-friendly. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for content to download, or is impossible to read.

Not sure where to start? Luckily, several email marketing providers make newsletter campaigns a snap. These help you with:

💡 Simple to use templates for organized, easy on the eye formats

💡 Bulk sharing to your customer’s emails

💡 CRM integration

💡 Tracking results

Here’s a list of providers I’ve used whose services are geared toward small to medium businesses, solopreneurs, or work-from-home individuals, including blog writers, realtors, or virtual assistants.

📌 Mailchimp: Free and paid subscriptions – super easy and customizable templates.

📌 Constant Contact: Low subscriber rates - perfect for small businesses.

📌 SendInBlue: Free and paid subscriptions – based on email volume versus contact list size.

📌 Chime: Paid subscriptions – a full suite of marketing solutions for realtors.

📌 MailerLite: Free and paid subscriptions – simple, clean, and easy to use.

Since 2008, I’ve helped professionals put their skills, experience, and essence in writing. I am the founder of, and also a business writer and workshop facilitator, specializing in LinkedIn profiles, resumes, blogs, and newsletters. I live in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Drop me a line at or to learn more!

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