Great Content - The Long and the Short of It

You may have heard the rumor that, as a society, we now have the attention span of a goldfish. So, it only makes sense that short and snappy blog posts get the most likes, views, and shares, right?


The experts at Wordstream tell us using long-form content, i.e., posts with 1300 words or more, has tripled the time a viewer stays on their site – a jump from 1:33 to 4:35 since 2012, and results in more: link-backs, return traffic, brand searches, recognition, and also, higher conversions.

What does that mean?

➀ Search engines love weightier posts. In fact, studies conducted by coSchedule, Moz, and serpIQ show the top-10 results come from articles containing 2,000 words or more.

➁ Today's audiences crave meatier substance - content that is worthy of reading, high-quality, and, most of all, relevant!

So, how do you ensure you are delivering valuable information that is relevant to your audience?

By learning what is important to them and answering questions like these:

📌 Who are they?

📌 What are their goals?

📌 What are their pain points?

📌 Where to they compete?

This is called persona mapping and, luckily, tools like Hubspot’s Persona Template make it easy to drive the process. Best of all – it’s free!

Bear in mind, though, that while it’s true long-form posts garner the biggest bang for your buck, it’s essential not to ignore the frequent - a minimum of once per day - staccato bursts of content to keep you top-of-mind with your audience. Like:

👉 Tips & Tricks

👉 Opinion Pieces

👉 Great Quotes

👉 Book Reviews

👉 Curated Content (don’t forget to include your thoughtful slant)

👉 Training Materials

And don't forget VIDEO!

Did you know experts predict 82% of ALL Internet traffic will communicate via video in 2021? It's a good thing that it's never been easier to use it.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn now offer native video - content that is uploaded directly onto the network from your desktop or mobile device. It's an easy and high-ranking alternative to other video sharing services like YouTube.

Just in case you want the benefits of using web and mobile apps to create high-quality video and graphics, here are a few to try:

The long and short of it:

➀ Loving long-form content gives good reason to believe that our brains are still more evolved than that of a fish.

➁ By feeding your audience frequent, relevant, and valuable content, chances are your audience will return to your fishing hole time and again.

Lynne West helps professionals put their skills, experience, and essence in writing. She is the founder of Westwriter.Today and an expert business writer specializing in LinkedIn profiles, resumes, blogs, and copy. She lives in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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