Fighting Words - Up Until Now...

You know me, so you know that, as a writer, I’m all about words. So, here’s a little secret. The words you choose not only impact how you show up in the world, but they also reflect what you believe about your ability, your self-worth, and the decisions you make every day.

If you find yourself saying things like:

👎 I let people push me around.

👎 My employers, not me, determine how far I can go in my career.

👎 Life’s “stuff” charts my course and is why I’d never:

  • Be a best seller.

  • Captain my own business.

  • Get out of working at this low-paying, boring, and soul-sucking job.

Then it’s time to do this: Insert the words “up until now” before each of those statements, and guess what? It changes everything.

Here’s what I mean:

Up until now, life’s "stuff" determined why I’d never get out of working at this low-paying, boring and soul-sucking job, but now, it's time to take control of my career and my life.

How empowering is that!

There’s no reason to stay stuck in old, self-deprecating ways that “up until now” defeated you. Decide that today is the day you let those fighting words take charge.

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