The Writer's Block - 7 Ways to get Started

I know how you feel! You have a fantastic story to tell, but the task seems so daunting that you’re overwhelmed to the point of paralysis.

Here are 7 simple things to help you get the words out of your head and onto the page.

1. Just start! You can’t edit a blank page.

2. Allow yourself to write junk. That’s what editing is for.

3. Take a pen (yes, ink) to paper and brainstorm - non-stop - for 10-minutes. I guarantee you’ll come away with much, much more than you expected.

4. If you’re like most people, you can do just about anything for twenty minutes, including writing. So, close the door, turn off your notifications, set a timer, and dive in. I’ll bet when the buzzer goes off, you’ll feel supercharged and raring to write more.

5. Pretend you’re telling the story to a friend and talk it out. Turn on the recorder and ramble away. And then capture that voice on paper.

6. Really stuck? Take a shower – or a relaxing drive. The muse appears when it’s allowed to wander.

7. Be amazed at the thoughts your brain spews out.

Every great story takes time so try to be patient. Just get started and in no time, you'll be on your way to finishing that fantastic book or article.

Who am I? Lynne helps professionals put their skills, experience, and essence in writing. She is the founder of Westwriter.Today and a professional business writer, specializing in LinkedIn profiles, resumes, blogs, and copy. She lives in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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