Whitepaper for Nimble Technologies
Web design for victoriahapkido.com
Web Design and Content Creation using WIX
Web design for fixingitwright.ca/
Complete Website Design using Wordpress
Pitch Deck for start-up DivDot
Condensing, Editing and Organizing 10 Page Business Plan into 15 Dynamic Slides
Researcher and Writer YYJ Airport
Researcher and Writer for the History of Victoria Airport Land and People. Showing at the Eagles Nest at YYJ's 3rd Floor Observation Area
Content upgrade for Anju B&B
Website Makeover
Developer - Crisis Communication
Created Crisis Communications Information Officer Manual for the City of Victoria
Lecturer and Creator - Crisis Plan
Created and Presented Crisis Communications To BAPC students - Royal Roads University
Content Creator - Web Design
Website creator for local Victoria live-edge woodworking
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