In my work line, I get asked a lot of career-centered questions, and this one comes up time and again: Do I really need a résumé if I have a robust LinkedIn profile? The short answer? Yes. Yes, you do. It’s not a matter of either/or, or if one delivers a bigger punch; résumés and LinkedIn are like the old “Love and Marriage” song; you can’t have one without the other. They’re meant to complement one another and, when combined, complete the story of who you are, both professionally and personally. Why is this important? Because recruiters do look at both (and in no particular order) to, not only determine what you’ve accomplished but whether you’re a cultural fit for their organization. To un


The LinkedIn banner is an often overlooked opportunity to differentiate you from your competition, improve SEO, and reinforce your personal and professional brand. Besides your photograph, it’s the first thing people see when they look at your profile. Because there’s nothing generic about you, be sure to replace LinkedIn’s generic banner with one that grabs attention and tells your individual story. Giving it personality is as easy as adding a picture or graphic of your industry or the city you live in. I recently designed a banner for a CIO and added streaming lights to depict the information highway, like this: Notice, too, that I added keywords that cement the professional brand and prov


Do you remember the old saying, “You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression?” Turns out, it’s true. Even on LinkedIn! Studies show that seven seconds is all you get to make a favorable impression and worse of all, those same studies reveal first impressions rarely change. The good news is a great one lasts forever, so wowing your future employer or next best client can start today, beginning with your smile on your LinkedIn profile. To make the best impression possible, make sure your photo is: ✅ Professional quality ✅ A headshot or taken from the waist up. ✅ Of how you dress for work. ✅ Of you alone, meaning no infringing shoulders, pets, or people lurking in the bushes. ✅

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