5 Steps to LinkedIn Success

1). Your clients don’t care about you. They want to know “what’s in it for me,” so it’s important that you figure it out before engaging. Ask yourself: 1. What are they REALLY selling? 2. What are their pain points? 3. How can I solve them better than any other service provider or candidate? 2). In today’s virtually connected world, you need to embrace a SOCIAL mindset. Treat your online interactions the same as you would in person. Be polite. Be respectful. Be grateful. When curating content or sharing other people’s stories, be sure to thank the writer and tell them what you loved about their thoughts before adding yours. 3). Your LinkedIn Profile. Three things: Your LinkedIn profile is NO

Dressed for Success (Online)

I often liken hanging out on LinkedIn to going to a fancy networking event. You: 🍸 Go to meet people who can help your business while you help theirs. 🍸 Engage in interesting conversations, knowing people like doing business with others whom they know, like, and trust. 🍸 Exchange value-added information to accentuate your thought leadership and elevate your brand. Would you show up in your pajamas or a hoodie and jeans? Likely not. You’d probably dress for the part as you should on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is arguably the most powerful business networking tool on the planet. You don’t have to believe me, just take a peek at these stats from Kinsta: ✅ 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn ✅ 122-million


Call me old fashioned, but little makes me cringe more than reading misspelled words in a blog, social media post, and most especially a résumé or LinkedIn profile! A single error can mean the difference between you getting an interview or being passed over. We’re talking credibility here! Don’t put yours on the line. Are you writing for a Canadian, British, or US audience? Be aware; many words are spelled differently depending on geography. For example, organise, recognise, and realise are correct in Britain, but in Canada and the US, these words end in -ize – organize, recognize, and realize. And what about accents in the word résumé? While a must in Canadian literature, it’s perfectly acc


Would it surprise you to know that more than 80% of positions are filled by direct and indirect job leads? It’s true! So, how do you break into this “hidden job market?” Well, first, you need to get your tools up to par (LinkedIn profile and résumé for starters). Next, you need to get busy. How? By networking! Let everyone you know that you’re open to new opportunities. You never know who can help you until you start asking. Brainstorm a list of fifty people to network with – don’t edit. It’s just a list. Refer to your contacts on social media, your email, and phone lists. Create a spreadsheet or chart and keep track of your conversations. Search out influencers, recruiters, or corporate dec

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