Great Content - The Long and the Short of It

You may have heard the rumor that, as a society, we now have the attention span of a goldfish. So, it only makes sense that short and snappy blog posts get the most likes, views, and shares, right? Wrong! The experts at Wordstream tell us using long-form content, i.e., posts with 1300 words or more, has tripled the time a viewer stays on their site – a jump from 1:33 to 4:35 since 2012, and results in more: link-backs, return traffic, brand searches, recognition, and also, higher conversions. What does that mean? ➀ Search engines love weightier posts. In fact, studies conducted by coSchedule, Moz, and serpIQ show the top-10 results come from articles containing 2,000 words or more. ➁ Today's

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