What does great content look like? To answer that question you need to see it from the viewer’s eyes. It’s about what drives them, how they interpret the substance you present and what makes them want to act. A content writer can provide the interesting stories, fresh ideas and self-help tips that today’s curious readers crave. Writing impeccable custom and original content not only stops the Google police from arresting your site, it’s what makes people take you seriously, increases Search Engine Optimization, and distinguishes you from the competition.

Three Fatal Errors Do-It-Yourself Social Media Marketers Make

Do you cut your own hair? Repair your own brakes? Fix your own electrical work ? How’s that working for you? Unless you're a hairdresser, a mechanic or an electrician, chances are, not so much. But isn’t social media marketing different from those kinds of things? A no brainer? Don’t you just create an account, slap up a couple of photos, a little blurb about the product, and voila! Clients come knocking at your door? Probably not. Do-it-yourself social media advertising has become the norm. In some respects it IS as easy as adding photographs and text, but the question you need to ask yourself is whether or not your actions are meeting your expectations. If you are among the 10 percent

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